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Our affiliate program is the easiest way for our partners to receive rewards for letting people join the exceptional algo trading experiences we provide. Anyone can become our affiliate. Whether you are a blogger, vlogger, website owner, or social media enthusiast with a huge following, you can take advantage of our affiliate program and get rewarded.

We love to reward our valued customers who take the time to refer business back to us, and we extend this reward to every individual who wants to partner with us by referring people to our business.

Joining our affiliate program is free, and the entire process is seamless. All you have to do is share your unique link provided by us and direct people to our website. We provide all the tools and resources you need to earn a commission, and once you make a successful referral, you'll get paid.

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Individual Traders

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Leading Algo Trading Platform

Our platform upgrades your algorithmic trading! Powerful algorithms & live data fuel super-fast, accurate trades. Enjoy a user-friendly interface and control over your options. Take your trading to the next level!

Earn Rewards For Lifetime

Our unique loyalty program rewards you a healthy commission for every new Signup who subscribes on SpeedBot from your reference. 

Complete Dedicated Support

Trade with the confidence of knowing our expert support team is available around the clock. Whether you need technical assistance, market insights, or simply have a question, our highly-trained professionals are just a call or click away

Join Our Affiliate Program Today!!

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Whenever your referral adds Credit to an account, you get 25% credits in your SpeedBot wallet for a lifetime.

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Get More Than Just Credits  

No-Code Strategy Builder

Easy-to-use no-code Options strategy builder for you to automate your trades.

Ready-To-Use Templates

  Templates offer predefined parameters and rules, reducing manual intervention and optimizing trade execution.

Expert Advisor Strategy Builder

Transform your Forex trading concepts into actual automated methods: easily make money on changes in currency values.

Backtesting Report

Simulated Test of your Trade Idea based on an Accurate historical data set.


To join Speedbot’s affiliate program you can fill the form to contact us.

There is no maximum or minimum limit for referral. You can start earning credits even if you have 1 referral.

No, it is not required for you to have an active plan to start earning credits from referrals.

Credits you get from your referral stay in your account for life time.

You can use your credits on SpeedBot app to perform various activities.

You can track your referrals from the SpeedBot app in the section refer and earn.

What happens if a referred user cancels their account?

Even if the referral cancels their account credit you have earned till that point stay in your account for life time.