SpeedBot Backtesting Engine

With Backtesting Engine, you can test your trading strategy with historical data and see how it would have worked in various market scenarios. It’s a safeguard against what could happen if you make a mistake in live trading so that when you do go live, you have a greater chance of success.

Why Use SpeedBot For Backtesting?

  • Using SpeedBot for backtesting provides quick processing of historical data. 
  • It gives accurate and precise results for assessing strategy performance. 
  • The platform is user-friendly and suitable for traders of all levels. 
  • Detailed analytics and reporting help improve and optimize trading strategies.

Achieve Accuracy

Test Your Bots

We take into account the historical data from past years, to help you accurately and precisely test the accuracy of your current strategies

Our backtesting program allows you to test the validity of your trading strategies before you deploy them in live trading

Backtests help you analyze your trading techniques and identify any potential errors in your trading strategies.

Accurate Reporting

Backtesting Reports

Get the statistics you need to build a strategy in algorithmic trading, and backtesting mode. 

Receive accurate backtest reports for

  • Key Statistics

  • Advanced Statistics

  • Orders & Positions

  • Portfolio Valuation Chart

  • Monthly Returns.

Based on the rich historical data you can verify the accuracy of your strategies on our  Backtesting Engine. With a quick glance at the accurate and intuitive backtest Reports, your decision towards choosing & subscribing to the SpeedBots to your account.

Simulated Test of your Trade Idea based on Accurate historical data-set. Get accurate analytical reports of the test. Check the efficiency and enhance the strategy if needed. Test it differently based on different time horizons and candle sizes.

Get the statistics you need to build a strategy in algorithmic trading, backtesting mode. Receive accurate backtest reports for - Key Statistics, Advanced Statistics, Orders & Positions, Portfolio Valuation Chart, Monthly Returns.

Build A Bot And Test It On Our Backtesting Engine

Disclaimer: The Strategic Trade Bots Templates mentioned in the Web App and on Website are created and published by the respective Publishers and are for the study reference. User should make the necessary assessments before considering them for their personnel Investments . The Investing user should not consider it as an Investment advised by SpeedBot or its employee. Also, SpeedBot or its employee is not liable for the Wrong Order placement of the strategy due to the false integration/setup of the Broker or Strategy by the Creator.