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(Algo Trading) 

Opportunity for Future / Options (F&O) Traders   

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Benefits of SpeedBot Partners

Scale Your Trade Advisory Business, while you focus on Research.

Brokers & Sub-Brokers, provide all of our Services to their Customers under their Labels.

Provide your trading customers with our most advanced AI-driven trading Solutions & help them grow even further.

Broker and Sub-broker partners can provide All these Services 100% Under their Label and Further boost Customer trust.

Get SpeedBot Technical Assistant to Develop your Complex Algo Trading Strategy.

As SpeedBot Partner You Get..

Join forces with a reputable and established algorithmic trading platform

Revenue Opportunity

Access to a steady stream of potential Clients

Tap into new revenue streams by offering our cutting-edge algorithmic trading solutions to your network.

Access Growing Ecosystem 

Connect & Leverage Industry experts in Algo Trading and Collaborate to serve building trust with your clients.

Digital Algo Trading Presence

Co-market with SpeedBot Enterprise Platform and Enhance your Brand Visibility.

Serve Algo Trading platform under your own brand to your Customers. 

Offer a solution that stands out in the financial technology sector.


Comprehensive Support

Access to training resources and materials to enhance your product knowledge and sales skills.

Receive dedicated support from our team to assist for managing your Algo Trading Platform.

Competitive Advantage

Gain a competitive edge in your market by offering cutting-edge algorithmic trading solutions.

Elevate your portfolio with a powerful tool trusted by traders and investors.

Win-Win Partnership

We succeed when you succeed, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Together, we can capture the vast potential of the financial markets.

Partnership Commitment


Customer Satisfaction

Partners should prioritize delivering a high level of customer satisfaction.

This includes providing excellent customer support, addressing client inquiries promptly, and ensuring clients are happy with the services. Regular feedback and performance reviews can be part of this expectation.

Brand Value Enhancement 

Partners should align with and enhance the brand value of our algorithmic trading platform.

This means representing our services in a professional and positive manner, maintaining brand consistency, and upholding the platform's reputation.



Customer Retention

Partners should actively work to retain clients by offering ongoing support, showcasing the value of the trading solutions, and helping clients achieve their financial goals.


                     Support & Assistance

We understand that partnerships are a two-way street, and it's essential to provide support, resources, and assistance to help partners meet these expectations successfully.

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Some of Our Enterprise Partners:

TradeTech INX

Top option strategy creator in India, renowned for their seasoned expertise in algorithmic trading. Their specialty lies in developing quality options selling Algo Trading strategies that deliver steady returns with minimal drawdown. With their expertise in Option Strategy building, they were able to expand their services in recent times to a wider range of customers.

Trinity Finserv

Offers cutting-edge algorithms & quantitative strategies that drive financial growth. Their systematic approach harnesses the power of quantitative research and analysis to achieve financial goals. They build a diverse portfolio of algorithms that work in different types of markets, from equity cash to futures and options, commodities, and currencies.

SS Algo

Over years of trading experience to the table, with a focus on expertly crafted option trading strategies that consistently generate strong returns. As a leading creator and publisher of Options Strategies, one can trust their intelligent, effective trading strategies.

Trade Workz

A leading brokerage firm that specializes in options trading and creating strategies for a wide range of clients. With a proven track record of managing over 10,000 customer accounts, Trade Workz delivers unparalleled accuracy and profitability.

We are now Integrated with India’s Leading Broker platforms & service providers. SpeedBot’s Advanced-AI solutions for trading & the Comfort of integration with your favorite broker service provider. Creating the Best of Algo trading experience for our Users.

Stock Broker API Integrations

India’s Leading stock broking service platforms to any platform supporting XTS and Noren - are Now API Integrated with SpeedBot. 

Note : It's important to note that the Stock Broker platforms listed here as API integrated Broker platforms are not our service partners. Our platform facilitates these API integrations as software add-ons, granting end users(SpeedBot users) the flexibility to choose and utilize them according to their preferences.

Now our users can Leverage SpeedBot’s supercharged AI-Driven Algo trading solutions with & the Cohesion of India’s All the Leading and Highly user-trusted stock Brokerage Platforms.

Start Algo Trading in US Stock Market

Integrate Your Tradier account with SpeedBot and start Algo Trading in NYSE & NASDAQ. Speak to our team to integrate your account.

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Algo Trading in US Stock Market By SpeedBot!

Disclaimer / Notes regarding Broker API Integrations  : As an end user of our algo trading platform, you're in complete control of how you wish to engage with these integrated Stock Broker APIs. Whether you're looking to execute complex trading strategies, analyze market data, or access real-time information, these integrated APIs are at your disposal.

We encourage you to explore these API integrations, test various strategies, and make the most informed trading decisions. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless and dynamic environment that supports your trading ambitions. Please remember that while we offer the tools and integrations, it's important to review the terms and conditions of the respective Stock Broker platforms before initiating any trading activities. Our platform is designed to enhance your trading journey, and we're excited to see how you leverage these API integrations to achieve your financial goals.

FAQs For SpeedBot's Partner Program

SpееdBot's Partnеr Program is a uniquе opportunity dеsignеd for Options Trading Individuals and Businesses to scale thеir Trading Advisory Businеss through Algo Trading and Options Trading. This program allows you to collaboratе with SpееdBot, an advancеd algo trading app, to providе еnhancеd trading solutions and services to your clients.

Registering as a SpeedBot Dealer Partner offers numerous advantages for your Sub-Broking, Wealth Management, or Trade Advisory Business. In this you will get benefits like Access to advanced technology, Enhanced Trading capabilities, Scalability, Tech Support, Client Retention, Algo Customization.

Yеs, SpееdBot's Partnеr Program is opеn to SubBrokеrs who arе intеrеstеd in offеring algo trading and options trading solutions to thеir cliеnts. This program is a valuablе opportunity for SubBrokеrs to еnhancе thеir sеrvicе offеrings and providе cliеnts with advancеd trading tеchnology through SpееdBot's platform. Whеthеr you arе a brokеr, financial advisor, or SubBrokеr, you can leverage SpееdBot's Partnеr Program to еxpand your businеss and bеttеr sеrvе your cliеnts.

SpeedBot's Partner Program welcomes a diverse range of enterprises seeking to enhance their Trading Technology Solutions to their Client Base. This includes financial institutions, brokerage firms, investment advisories, wealth management companies, individual financial advisors, trading educators, and authorized representatives.

When you partner with SpeedBot, your Sub-Broking Or Trade Advisory Business gains access to advanced technology, scalability, enhanced trading capabilities, which you can supply to your Customer base and establish a new revenue streams, providing them technical support, Training, Advisory on Automated trading (if you are  Registered or Certified ) & and overall you and your Customers get competitive Technology edge in the market.

SpeedBot provides comprehensive technical support and training to partners. This includes onboarding assistance, training sessions for efficient platform use, and ongoing support channels to address any queries or issues. Training regarding How to use the Automated strategies without Coding for Equity and Derivative (Future & Options Trading). This technological training you can further use to support and train your Client base and earn the Revenue for your Services.

To start thе partnеrship procеss, simply rеach out to our tеam via thе providеd contact information on our wеbsitе or fill thе form givеn abovе. Wе'll guidе you through thе nеxt stеps and work togеthеr to еxplorе thе potеntial for collaboration.

Yes, SpeedBot team help you supplying the needed initial Branding Flow with the Partner specific URL. Also helps in Channelizing the Social Promotions and branding your Sales to Region specific SpeedBot Sales.