How to Build a Custom Trading Bot for Automated Trading?
The trading bot is a dedicated software solution designed to perform automated financial transactions based on pre-set rules. An automated trading bot can help identify or identify exciting opportunities to close deals or execute specific trades with no to minimal human interactions. 

These automated trading bots come with various benefits that make them ideal software solutions for automated trading. Custom trading bots such as options trading bots help to save time, make accurate predictions, analyze patterns and market strategies, implement various cutting-edge strategies, increase turnovers, and so on.

In recent times, the trading industry has witnessed a massive revolution. The use of high-tech software solutions in trading has become more and more popular. Also, the use of trading bots and algo trading software has become standard for most pro traders. This has also impacted the growth of the trading market. According to a study published in Statista In 2022, 29.32 USD billion in options contracts were traded globally.

Today, in this blog post we will discuss how to build a custom trading for automated trading, its benefits, and more.

Popular Types Of Bots For Trading

Popular Types Of Bots For Trading

1: Trend Following Bots

Trend-following bots are designed to follow market trends and take advantage of them. For instance, if the market of a specific options contract goes down they will place a sell order and if the market goes up then they will place a buy order.

2: Arbitrage Bots

Unlike trend-following bots, these options strategy builder bots focus on the exchange price to place selling or buying orders. For example, if the price of bitcoin is higher in one exchange and lower on the other, the Arbitrage bots will compare and buy Bitcoin from the lower exchange and sell it to the higher exchange for profit.

3: Market-Making Bots

Market-making bots are also one of the popular trading bots. These bots place buying and selling orders simultaneously on exchanges to make a profit.

4: Mean Reversion Bots

Mean revision bots are designed for automated trading depending on the principle that says asset prices and historical returns are meant to return to their long-term mean or average price and place selling and buying orders accordingly.

5: Sentiment Analysis Bots

As the name suggests these algo trading software bots analyze the market sentiment to place selling or buying orders.

6: Algorithmic Execution Bots

Algorithmic execution bots are options trading bots that use algorithmic analysis to execute their buying and selling moves. Algorithmic execution bots are designed to perform automated trading solely relying on algorithmic trading strategies.

7: Machine Learning Bots

Machine learning bots in trading are one of the most advanced and accurate options strategy builder bots. These bots utilize machine learning techniques and capabilities to analyze the market and make trading decisions.

8: Scalping Bots

Scalping bots are designed based on scalping strategies. These bots place multiple orders in a short time after succession to make use of the quick market fluctuations and gain profit.

9: Pairs Trading Bots

Like the scalping bots, Paris trading bots are also built based on the Paris trading strategies. These bots trade two different options against each other to make a profit.

How to Build a Custom Trading Bot for Automated Trading?

If you are interested in building custom bots for automated trading, then you must have the basic knowledge of no-code backtesting, coding, programming, etc. Also, options strategy builder apps can be a great help in building custom bots for automated trading. Here, is a step-by-step guide to building a custom trading bot for your automated trading-

How to Build a Custom Trading Bot for Automated Trading?

Step 1: Rеsеarch No Codе Platforms 

Look for no codе platforms like SpeedBot specifically dеsignеd for building trading bots. Thеsе platforms typically provide a drag and drop intеrfacе or visual еditor that allows you to dеfinе trading rules and logic without writing codе. 

Step 2: Choose Your Exchanges 

Your next step is to select the preferred exchanges that you wish to trade. Some of the most popular choices of exchanges among traders are Kraken, Binance Coinbase, etc.

Step 3: Select Key Features

Now, once you have selected your preferred programming language, and exchange you can move forward to select key features that you want to include in your custom trading bot.

Step 4: Develop the Bot

Once you have selected the essential aspects of building a custom bot for automated trading you can finally begin to develop the trading bot.

Step 5: Test the Bot

Lastly, test your developed bot and check whether it has any errors or not before the final implementation.

Backtesting and Optimization

  • Importance of Backtesting:

Backtesting is a process in trading that involves using historical market data to better understand the profitability of a strategy. It creates a simulation of how a strategy would have behaved in the past and offers crucial insight into how the strategy would perform in the future.

Backtesting also helps you optimize your strategies by marking weaknesses in them (if any). Finally, backtesting is important for finding strengths and weaknesses in your trading strategy and optimizing them. An option strategy builder can also help you backtest your strategies.
  • Backtesting Frameworks and Tools:

Knowing backtesting frameworks and how they work is essential to use this process in your trading. Here are some popular backtesting frameworks you can use. You can also use no-code trading bot backtesting for a code-free, simple, and intuitive backtesting environment.
  1. Backtrader- Backtrader is a trading platform that offers a backtesting framework you can use and learn from at the same time. It offers varying time frames and multiple data sources for backtesting.
  2. BT- BT is the most popular backtesting framework for Python. It has built-in code to retrieve prices from Yahoo.
  3. Finmarketpy- This backtesting framework offers object oriented model that helps to reuse and extend trading strategies.
  4. Zipline- Zipline is a backtesting framework from Quantopia. It can be easily integrated with Pandas Dataframes.
  5. Fastquant- Fastquant has various integrated trading strategies. It also helps users to easily collect data in Jupyter Notebooks.
  6. PyAlgoTrade- PyAlgoTrade is a backtesting library that offers a backtesting framework and other dynamic integrations with NumPy, Pandas, and SciPy. It also integrates Google, Yahoo, and NinjaTrader for market data.
Some of the widely used backtesting tools include Jupyter, Pandas, NumPy, and SciPy.

Ways To Optimize Trading Strategies Based on Backtesting Results and Performance Metrics:

Optimization of trading strategies is the final step before you actually begin the trade. There are a few ways you can optimize your trading strategies based on performance metrics and backtesting results.
  • Reducing Biases- Backtesting helps you realize possible biases in your strategy. Though completely eliminating biases from a trading strategy is quite impossible, backtesting can help you reduce them.
  • Improvisation- Backtesting helps you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your strategy. So that you can improvise accordingly. This can result in a better performance of your trading strategy.
  • Risk Management- Understanding the risk factors of a strategy through backtesting can help you mitigate them. Lesser risks in a strategy can also signify its better performance in the market.
  • Realistic Expectations- When you backtest a strategy, you understand its potential for the future market. This helps you set realistic expectations.

What Are The Benefits of Using Trading Bots?

What Are The Benefits of Using Trading Bots?

Trading bots play a crucial role in automated trading. Here we will discuss the benefits of trading bots for automated trading.

1: Increased Efficiency

The most important reason for using trading bots is increased efficiency in trading. These bots can save your efforts and time by trading automatically. Trading bots trade 24/7 which can help you take advantage of various market opportunities as early as they occur. All these aspects increase the efficiency of your trading.

2: No Emotions Involvement

Errors or human errors related to emotions are very common in trading. Trading bots can remove emotions from your trading decisions. And help you avoid making driven trading choices that can have negative impacts on your trading.

3: Optimized Strategies

Creating optimized strategies is another benefit of using trading bots. Trading bots can test various trading rules and also backtest trading strategies based on historical data analysis and past performances.

4: Quick Response

Trading bots are capable of quick responses which means they place orders faster than you manually can. This helps you seize opportunities during market fluctuations that you can miss if you manually do the task.

5: Automated Processes

Trading bots can automate the complete trading process. They can diversify your trade by monitoring several assets and trading them on multiple exchanges. They can also monitor the market and make suitable decisions.

6: Automated Purchase/ Sell

Manual trading is very time-consuming. Trading bots can save you time and energy by monitoring the market and purchasing/ selling assets automatically without any need for you to monitor the trade.


Custom trading bots such as options trading bots are the key element of the automated trading market. They offer endless benefits and make trading hassle-free, effective, and accurate. Today a lot of traders whether beginner or pro prefer to utilize the capabilities of bots for more profit in automated options trading. Therefore creating a custom bot for options trading can be a great way to ensure high returns with minimized risks. 

Options strategy builder apps can be a great help in creating strong and effective trading bots. Also, above we have discussed a detailed guide on creating a custom bot for automated trading. We have also covered essential benefits, popular bot types, backtesting, and optimization. To learn more about options trading bots and their use in automated trading you can explore the related blogs section.


How to Build a Custom Trading Bot for Automated Trading?
Aashutosh C 17 April, 2024
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