Algo Trading: Future Of Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency is currently one of the global topics for conversation and has raised eyebrows among investors and policymakers.

Also, technology has made it possible for traders to engage in crypto trading from any corner of the world. 

As many are looking for new ways to invest in the highly volatile market, there are also numerous investors who have put their guns down. 

These type of unfortunate event has given rise to automated trading or algorithm trading which can help in beating the uncertainty of crypto markets.

Fintech has already transferred our personal and professional life. One of the most innovative programs in the fintech field are algorithm trading, they have to change the way individual or traders invest.

And now AI is integrated into the highly volatile crypto market making investment opportunities more efficient, and effective and changing the dimension of crypto trading.

What Is Crypto Algo Trading?

Before understanding what is crypto Algo Trading first let understand what is Algorithm trading or Algo trading.

Algorithm trading is a process of executing orders, a set of instructions given to solve a problem, on computers to automatically do the process of trading i.e buy, sell and hold assets.

It's a pre-program set of directions prepared using complex math formulas and human oversight to produce an automated decision-making process, where manual interference is not required.

Now let's talk about crypto Algo trading,

Algo crypto trading or even said as automated cryptocurrency trading is a set of processes where you use computer programs such as crypto trading Bots to buy or sell digital currencies.

Automated crypto trading is a way where you let a computer program manage your cryptocurrency investment without any physical interference and without manually performing the steps to execute a trade.

But what exactly is this crypto trading Bot?

A crypto trading Bot is an automated program or an AI-based application or software which operates under the basic principle or pre-established parameters.

A crypto trading Bot is an automated program or an AI-based application or software which operates under the basic principle or pre-established parameters.

These bots can take the right decision of buying and selling, thus helping to perform automatically in favor of investors as per specific market conditions.

These Bots can consider various factors like

  • Current price

  • Volatility 

  • Trading volumes

  • Analysis of past records

By studying the above factors these bots make predictions that can give the best result. Well, there is no doubt that Algo trading is the future of the crypto market.

Reasons to Use Algo Trading For Cryptocurrency

Emotionless Trading

Emotions play a huge role in every decision of mankind even when it's a business decision, an investment decision, or a decision to invest in the stock market.

Emotions highly influence your decision-making process and this emotional trading leads to bad decisions.

One of the main reasons for using Algo crypto trading is to minimize manual intervention and to reduce the chances to make decisions or arrive at a judgment based on emotions which have a high chance to result in losses.

A volatile market like crypto cannot work on human assumptions and instincts, we have to do research and analysis of past records to derive any conclusion.

And as Algo crypto trading is carried out by crypto trading bots which have automatically set parameters and this way it controls the trader's hesitation and they will not second guess their decision.

These bots are more efficient than humans and also due to automation there is no room for emotion or sentiment while trading. Crypto trading Bots will always keep emotion out of the equation and will follow a systematic approach to trading.

Faster Decision Making

One of the most important things in trading is timing.

Timing plays a huge role in the decision-making process, thus precise timing is critical in the crypto market and the best way to make a timely decision is to use automated or Algo trading methods.

Algo trading methods help in reacting in a fraction of a second and thus help in making decisions faster than manual trading.

Keeping track of fluctuating prices and calculating your gains and then implementing the task can be cumbersome.

But a crypto trading bot can be at your rescue and can help you in carrying out the transaction smoothly and efficiently.

Automated trading can be very profitable as they carry out millions of calculations instantly and take decisions in line with preprogrammed instructions.

So in spite of sweeping away market rallies by making impulsive decisions, it is necessary to adopt Algo trading methods to streamline crypto trading.


These crypto trading bots save you from putting all your eggs in one basket.

As the cryptocurrency market is already a notorious and dramatic market with fluctuations in price movements so diversification is necessary.

Algo trading allows you to trade in numerous account or follow different strategies and also help in investing in a variety of cryptos, Thus diversifying your investment and diminishing your loss.

And also trading is all about maximizing profits with minimal resources. So Algo trading is the best choice for trading in the crypto market as executing several trading strategies simultaneously becomes very simple with crypto trading bots.

The Crypto Market Is Open 24/7

Unlike the stock market, the crypto market is open 24/7 making the crypto market the most volatile market.

And For sailing in this volatile market, it is necessary to take the help of a crypto trade bot as it is impossible for humans to be available for trading all the time.

This crypto trade bot will stick to its game plan 24/7,365 days a year and will help you from missing out on any profitable trade opportunities in the market trend.

Analyzes Past Data

One of the most crucial, time-consuming, and tedious jobs is to do analyzing.

But crypto trade bots can easily help you in analyzing and interpreting past data which will help you to make the right decisions.

Well, the correct method to check your strategy is backtesting.

Backtesting is a process of analyzing the performance of a particular asset or crypto based on pre strategy to earn profits and minimize the risk.

Some of the metrics that the crypto trade bot takes into consideration to prepare the strategies are,

  • No of trades

  • Profit ratio 

  • Max losses

  • Max drawdown amt

Thus, backtesting your strategy is one of the best ways to achieve the desired result and to be profitable in the crypto market.

And also here motto is not to predict the future but to determine how well a particular asset can perform based on the analysis of historical data.

Improves Speed

With the use of Algo trading or crypto trading bots you can quickly react to changes in the market and execute the process faster than manual intervention.

And as you read this sentence a crypto bot has made multiform profits.

A second slip in time can significantly affect your trade results thus, Algo trading helps in improving your speed and will help you to make market decisions instantly and help you to earn thousands in seconds.

Final Thoughts

While you must have concluded that Algo trading is the future of trading in the coming years. Simultaneously you must also keep in mind that crypto trading bots are automated and not automatic.

Thus, finding the right trading bot is a very difficult task and you require a platform that watches the market and provides you with appropriate opportunities.

SpeedBot is one such Algo trading platform that can help you in this journey. Algo trading is the new age trading method and is moving rapidly to dominate the trade market in near future.
So contact SpeedBot if you are looking for a custom or wizard strategy for the crypto market.

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Algo Trading: Future Of Cryptocurrency Trading
Aashutosh C 2 February, 2023
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