How Algo Trading Is Possible Without Python?
Experience the AlgoTrading without Coding

Algorithmic Trading is one of the most talked-about financial innovations. It's a way of executing orders utilizing pre-programmed automated trading instructions. This article is written with the goal to introduce the readers to the concepts of Trading strategy and how they are linked with the design and development components of Algorithmic Trading.

What Exactly Are Algos in Trading?

Algos, or algorithms, are software programs that collect data for a trading strategy, backtest the system to see the P&L over time, and, if necessary, automatically trade anytime the strategy gives a buy or sell signal.

A strategy can be created with a programming language or with platforms that allow non-programmers to create strategies with little or no coding. These algorithms may be linked to a dataset and used to backtest a strategy over many equities. They may then monitor real-time market data and provide notifications anytime a buy or sell signal is formed and entirely automate order placement with fully automated algos

What is The AlgoTrading Platform?

Algorithmic Trading

(also known as automated Trading) is when a computer program follows a set of instructions to place a trade (an algorithm). In principle, the deal can make profits at a pace and frequency hard for a human trader to achieve.

This Algo trading program executes deals on the terminal and sends them to the exchange, minimizing the need for human execution.

So the AlgoTrading Platform is the integrated combination tools and working environment required for Algo Program to run and fulfill the purpose it's built for.

In a more specific language, AlgoTrading Platforms provides the Algo Program required data feeds or real-time market data to continuously run the mathematical analysis on and generate the trade signals.

Also, Algo Trading Platforms serve as a well-controlled governing environment for the Algo Programs, similar to Operating systems which provide all the things needed for your favorite software to run on your computer.

Algorithmic Trading's Advantages

The following are some of the advantages of algorithmic Trading:

  • The best potential pricing is used to conduct trades.

  • The placing of trade orders is quick and precise (there is a high chance of execution at the desired levels).

  • Transaction costs are lower.

  • Automated checks on several market situations at the same time.

  • It may be backtested using historical and real-time data to evaluate if Algo-trading is a feasible trading method.

  • Reduced the risk of human traders making errors due to emotional and psychological variables.

          What is The Importance of Algorithmic Trading?

          • Eliminate human mistakes by Trading without allowing emotions to stand in the way of making money or reducing losses.

          • Low upkeep – Set up your algorithms and let them trade according to your timetable.

          • Act on occasional events, such as the NIFTY dropping 500 points below its 20-day moving average, to gain a competitive advantage.

          • Backtest - Use previous data to fine-tune your algorithms and find the most incredible mix of buy and sell parameters.

          • It adds up to your current manual or a hybrid approach - as by using algos one can apply to stop-loss over your manual limitations and fine-tune the risk management.

          • Increased potential with immediate action - Using automated buy and sell orders, you may increase your exposure to the underlying market.

            How To Trade in Algo Without Python?

            Trading with Algorithms usually needs one to design and develop the specific program handling the specific logic of mathematical or statistical analysis of the market Data points in real-time and signaling out or buying or selling favorable conditions on a specific set of Stocks which that program is monitoring.

            Trading with Algorithms in the traditional way needed one to be an expert in multiple Areas: 

            1. Skills of understanding the Stock or Commodity Trading market

            2. Mathematical or Statistical understanding of Analysing Indicators or Functions to analyze the real-time market’s exchange provided data.

            3. Skills to develop a program or a part of a program using Programming language like Python, AFL, etc

            Need for this arrangement derived out challenges and hindrances to the Traders and Investors to enable the Technology to work for them. They usually get it difficult finding all the required skills and overall orchestration of making things working not just in theory but in the ground level practicality.

            Technologically mathematical analysis or quantitative analysis has been very much eased up for the Software programmer knowing the programming language like python. But with the time and technological convergence in different verticals of industries, there has always been a scarcity of finding someone sounds in development and having a good understanding of other needed skills to develop an Algorithm that can trade on your Trading Ideas.

            So many traders in different geography of Stock/Commodity Trading Market have been always looking for solutions to these challenges theoretically visualizing as easy to use a system which can work like

            1. Allowing simple language inputs to define their Trading Strategic ideas

            2. Allow creating bespoke strategies with ready-to-reuse Data analysis indicators to use while defining their rules of Trading strategy.

            3. Allowing the validations of their specific Trading technique or rule-set by providing backtests on historical data.

            4. And demonstrate the approach in a live or paper trading environment.

            And all of these with integrated and easy setup system.

            Ultimately the trading ecosystem is looking forward to the approach where the Stock Trading experts don't need to become the python programmer or coders in order to survive the technological changes.

            AlgoTrading Without Python

            In SpeedBot- The Best algo trading app in India, we can learn algorithmic Trading without even knowing python. It is the Best Algo Trading App in India. SpeedBot apps have made it much easier to trade. You create the plan, establish the margins, and put it into action. That is all there is to it. No coding is required, and no prior expertise is necessary.

            Without having firsthand knowledge of stocks, options, futures, or other markets, SpeedBot, an Algorithmic Trading Platform, may help you earn fortunes in the stock market. It's like having your own personal financial analyst... but better. Let’s start automated stock trading with SpeedBot App.

            Look at the things SpeedBot offer-

            • Validate your advanced approach by creating it in our "No Code" Bot builder and backtesting it on the engine to provide a comprehensive report of instances based on purified historical data.

            • The software enables traders/investors to create a Bot based on trading techniques, with the critical feature being the "NoCode" builder, which eliminates the need to code to create your trading bot.

            • They concentrate on the "NoCode" Bot builder since, unlike other platforms, it eliminates the need for users to write the bot manually; instead, they can select strategy indications and construct their bot.

            Five steps - Trading Algorithms without Coding 

            1. Create with Rule builder User interface: your trading strategy rules defined without coding in python

            2. Backtest your Rules automatically: your rules need validation of behaviors with historical data.

            3. Deploy if backtest reports look promising  

            4. The Algo Platform will allow a dry run of your Trading Algorithm in paper mode with a live market.

            5. Put your Algo to work into the live market by linking it to your Broker account and assigning allowed initial Capital and overall loss thresholds.


            The stock markets, like technology, have changed dramatically in the previous decade. As of February 2018, algo trading on the NSE has taken center stage, with algos executing over 40% of cash market orders.

            On the other hand, we traders spend our market hours glued to trading screens, following many stocks and analyzing market movements in an exhausting search for trading signals.

            Without human error, it's nearly difficult to make sensible, timely trading judgments, especially when emotions get in the way.

            We require a platform that watches the market for us using backtested algorithms and informs us when the appropriate signals are created, giving us an Algo trading advantage.

            SpeedBot - Best Algo Trading App provides a platform for algo trading without the need for coding.

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