Human Traders Vs Trading Bots: Which Is Better?
Exploring The Pros and Cons Of Human Traders vs Trading Bots!

The trading has been evolving & Bringing in more and more New, Fascinating stuff ever since the Beginning. Automated trading app is Current Hot favorites in the trading world.

They are not hot favorites for No reason. Below are 5 Cream advantages of choosing Trading Bots over human traders :

                                                              1. Super Fast Speed :

                                                              Some traders might say, my execution speed is fast as anything, I don’t need to rely on Bots for faster trade execution. Here’s the Fact: A delay of 1-2 Seconds in Trade execution can result in a loss of 50-70% of Trading capital. 

                                                              Automated trading app thrives on saving you from Such Losses & also helps you make profits. Smart configured supper efficient trading bots get the Trade execution done Near Instantly. Basically leaving no Scope of Missing out on profit or Making loss due to Time is taken in Trade execution.

                                                              2. No Emotional Hijacking :

                                                              Emotions are an imbibe property of human beings. The best the Traders can master is to control their emotions while trading.

                                                              Thoroughly Controlling their emotions is something 95% of the people can’t do & is also not the most reliable way to go with Tradings.

                                                              Feelings of FOMO and frustration from constant market correction cycles can Result in severe to significant Losses. Also by pulling out from the Market by being overjoyed after a smaller Profit - You missed out on money on the Table.

                                                              That’s where the Best bot trading platforms are super successful. They provide No code bot builder, You just deploy the bot and It shall provide you the Best possible trading Experience.

                                                              3. Multi-Eye Market Watch :

                                                              During the trading hours, you may need to keep a look at multiple factors & movements in the Market. However, it is Humanly impossible to maintain Tracking on more than a handful of market trackers.

                                                              Using Best bot trading platforms will help you easily overcome that. Their smart trading bots maintain tracking on dozens of market indicators & Trackers.

                                                              Thus constantly Looking, Analyzing & Predicting the best Trading moves on the Go. Retail traders, Intraday traders, Large Investors, Everyone can benefit from this. 

                                                              From safely sabotaging out on Heavy losses to making considerable profits, this bot - based Algorithmic trading is of Super high potential for All the Traders.

                                                              4. Longevity :

                                                              Other than routine system maintenance activities once or twice a Month, Algo trading never stops. It keeps on working with All the smart functionalities at Full tilt and 24 x 7. 

                                                              Human traders would need a break Every few hours while Trading. If overworking, It has a 300% Higher chance of resulting in Bad as well as Inefficient decision-making. Which can lead to Plying wrong trades and Eventually losing money.

                                                              Whereas these pre-configured smart bots on Top algo trading apps like speedbot will keep working with the Highest level of Intelligence and Awareness throughout the Day. Hence ensuring you, the trader, Never misses out on any Opportunity throughout the Trading window.

                                                              5. Strong Tech Advantage:

                                                              Top algo trading apps in the market strive on their strong hands over cutting-edge technologies. These Algo Trading Bots have been designed & developed to work with Much higher Efficiency compared to any other Option in the market.

                                                              They are specifically designed with the Best technologies, Enabling them to:

                                                               - Process a significant amount of Data,
                                                               - Analyze Huge data in a few seconds,
                                                               - Constant Tracking of Market patterns,
                                                               - Predicting Market  Movements & a lot more. 

                                                              The “No code bot builder” further enables the Custom bot development, which can Fulfill each individual Trader’s requirements with ease.

                                                              What would be the Best Way Forward?

                                                              Human traders can play a Nice supportive role alongside the Trading bots. So many of the human limitations have been overcome by these Bots & Are Undoubtabely going to Dominate the Markets in the very near future.

                                                              Human traders have Conciense which if Partnered well with Algo trading, can perform miracles. Especially the Customization power of the ‘No-code bot builder’ feature is a real game-changer.

                                                              Best Bot Trading Practices :

                                                              Sign up for an Automated trading app with All the smart advantaging Features discussed above. Select one or multiple markets that you are interested in the App.

                                                              Check out the strategy bot templates & Boom, You are ready to Go. Ease down on all your worries & Trust the Super smart trading bots to do All the Job for you.


                                                              “ Time is money & Money is everything “ the Famous cliche of the Trading world is Embibebd into the Roots of These Top Algo trading apps.

                                                              Stop wasting your time Chasing the Markets, analyzing trends & Manually pressing ‘Buy’ - ‘Sell’ on Every single trade by Yourself. 

                                                              Use the great Automated trading facilities made available with Algo trading by the Best bots. Stay ahead of Market curves, Ensure yourself from Steep market corrections & Make stronger - faster moves Towards your Finacial goals with Bot base Algo trading.

                                                              Planning to deploy a TradeBot for you?

                                                              Join us and make your profits.

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                                                              Human Traders Vs Trading Bots: Which Is Better?
                                                              SpeedBot Team 29 April, 2022
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