What is Option Chain? How To Read and Analyze Option Chain?
An option chain represents a list of contracts with an accessible option for a specific security. It comprises calls and puts for a particular security. It is sometimes called an option network and helps trade the day after.

An Option chain displays all put and call prices, expiration dates, strike prices, quantity, and pricing data for a particular underlying asset throughout a specified maturity period. It refers to a table that shows quotations for options for a specific underlying security. 

The options chain matrix, which is usually divided by option expiry day, updates in real-time and displays the most recent price, volume of trading, and best bid and bid for the underlying calls and puts in a specific options series in the Options trading app. Knowing option chains is crucial for beginners since it enables them to choose the best option contract for trading.

Additionally, it aids in their comprehension of how the market feels about the underlying asset. Traders can evaluate the degree of competition for a contract of options and the quantity of extra they must pay or get by looking at the option chain.

What Are Options Chain?