SpeedBot Beta Release
An Introduction to the New Era of Trading!

Feel The Automation In Trading.

Hop onto the revolution of algorithmic trading with SpeedBot. Just build a bot on 'NoCode' Bot Builder, and Go Live. Sit back and relax and let bot trade in place of you.

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Hello Traders and Investors,

We are ready to release the Beta version of our amazing & efficient SpeedBot Best Algo Trading App In India. Now 'Experience the power of trading when Technology meets Trading'

Not sure about the Algo-Trading platform? No worries, just sign up for the Beta Release and start paper trading on Virtual Fund after building your own Trading Bot and test it on Backtesting Engine to check the efficiency to estimate the degree of accuracy.

Are You Wondering 'What is SpeedBot?'

SpeedBot is an Algo trading platform enabling a great experience of emotionless automatic trading for Investors, Trading Experts, etc. It's a cloud-based platform to create and invest through automated trading bots.


'NoCode' Bot Builder

You don't need to be a programmer. If you have a trading strategy, just let your trading bot inherit the strategy and let it trade in place of you. It comes with 150+ rule-defining Indicators to create millions of trading strategies.

Trading Engine

SpeedBot implements your unique strategies onto the trading engine via Bot to make you go live with your Trading Bot. Accurately place orders in real-time based on your strategy conditions. 20+ integrated brokers in the system and hence get the trading notification within the broker app to check on order transactions and portfolio. It also analyzes market depth, to make sure it places the orders right in the market.

Paper Trading

With the Paper Trading mode, TradeBot trades in the simulated mode without Real Fund but with the Live Market Data. This helps you to check your bot in real-time with the virtual fund.

Backtest Engine

If the Bot is built, just test the efficiency of it on the Backtest Engine possessing built-in historical data from 5 years. Also, validate the subscribed bot, or strategy by an analyst. Advanced backtesting report with positions, orders, and 20+ metrics to test the bot.


You don't need to be a Trading Expert/Analyst to trade with SpeedBot. Just hire a bot from the marketplace listed by the Trading Experts, Test the bot on the engine, and Go Live with the Bot to let it trade and you can sit back and relax.
- If you are a Trading Analyst, just build a Trade Bot with our 'NoCode' BotBuilder and list the bot on the Marketplace. Hence, you can earn profits from the trade and commissions.

Broker Account Linking

Link your favorite broker account into SpeedBot and trade live from the broker app.

SpeedBot for Working Professionals

SpeedBot can be highly used by working professionals as well. Keeping in mind the occupied timetable, they won't be checking on market volatility, and hence build a bot and let it trade while they are working. Hence, the SpeedBot actually lets you have a side income with major profits.

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- For More Information, Contact Us.

- Explore the platform now and start making profits.

- Also, Feel free to send an email at contact@speedbot.tech for any queries.

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SpeedBot Beta Release
SpeedBot Team 7 January, 2022
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