What is Basket Order? How It Works and How To Use?
As an options trader, have you ever wished you could execute multiple trades without placing individual orders? If so, a basket order may suit you. Basket orders simplify trading by letting traders buy or sell various financial instruments simultaneously.

This guide will teach you everything about basket orders, from customizing your basket to executing the order and monitoring your portfolio. You will get an idea to optimize your options trading strategy and succeed in the market, whether new or experienced.

What is Basket Order?

Basket orders help options traders manage their investments. A basket order is a group of orders to purchase or sell multiple financial items, such as stocks, bonds, and options. A basket order lets traders take advantage of real-time market opportunities by quickly executing many deals.

Options traders can modify basket orders to match their investment plan, market conditions, and risk tolerance using modern trading platforms. Traders can hedge their portfolios by buying put options on many stocks with basket orders. Alternatively, traders can utilize basket orders to diversify their portfolios by buying equities from different industries.

Types of  Basket Order

Different basket orders are available, each with unique characteristics and benefits.

Here are some of the most common types of basket orders:

1. Buy Basket Order

With a buy basket order, you buy more than one asset in one transaction. This basket order is helpful for traders who want to act quickly on market opportunities or diversify their portfolios.

2. Sell Basket Order

A sell basket order is a single transaction that sells several assets simultaneously. This basket order can be used to take profits on multiple positions or reduce exposure to specific assets.

3. Pair Basket Order    

Buying and selling two different assets simultaneously is a pair-basket order. This basket order is helpful for traders who want to take advantage of an imbalance in the market or who want to protect themselves against specific assets.

4. Contingent Basket Order

A contingent basket order makes a series of trades based on existing conditions. For example, a trader might set up a contingent basket order to buy a particular stock if its price reaches a certain level.

5. One-Cancels-the-Other (OCO) Basket Order

You place two orders simultaneously with an OCO basket order and cancel one when the other is filled. For example, a trader might use an OCO basket order to buy a particular stock if it goes up to a specific price and sells it if it goes down to a special price.

Advantages of Basket Orders

This section will discuss basket orders' benefits for options traders. Basket orders can help traders customize their portfolios, diversify their investments, and save time and money. Understanding basket orders' benefits can help you improve your options trading.


Basket orders allow many trades at once. Traders can save time and improve efficiency by placing all orders at once. Rather than entering each order manually, dealers can execute their basket of deals in one click. Traders with large portfolios or frequent trades may benefit from this efficiency.

Basket orders allow them to focus on market trends and decision-making rather than manually entering trades. Basket orders save time and eliminate errors and delays. Mistakes like entering incorrect numbers or prices are more likely when placing numerous orders individually.

It also reduces human error by executing all deals at once. Traders may focus on their investment strategy and reach their financial goals more efficiently with basket orders' efficiency.


Trading with basket orders also offers customization. Traders can tailor basket orders to their investment plans and preferences. Users can add financial items to their basket and set order amounts and pricing.

Traders can also automate market-based order adjustments. They can design rules to automatically adjust order prices based on the underlying asset's price or close deals when specific conditions are satisfied.

Customizability lets traders develop complicated investment plans and react rapidly to market movements. They can trade hands-free by utilizing automated rules to alter orders without monitoring the market.


Basket orders allow traders to diversify their investment portfolios efficiently. Basket orders let traders purchase or sell multiple financial instruments at once, spreading their risk across sectors and asset classes and decreasing the impact of any single investment on their portfolio.

A trader interested in technology stocks could create a basket order. Diversifying among sector companies can reduce the influence of any company's performance on its portfolio. Diversification reduces risk and market volatility for traders.

Traders may get more reliable results by diversifying their risk. Diversification helps traders find new investment opportunities and capitalize on sector developments.

Cost Savings

Another benefit is using an options strategy builder to save money on basket orders. With basket orders, traders can execute numerous options transactions simultaneously and save on transaction costs. 

It can benefit traders who utilize options trading tactics as part of their investment approach, as executing many options trades separately can be time-consuming and expensive. Executing many options trades at once can also lessen the impact of bid-ask spreads, which can be considerable for low-liquidity options contracts.


Basket orders also improve trading transparency. Basket orders let traders see all their trades at once. This makes tracking performance and analyzing investment strategy easier, giving traders a clear and complete portfolio view. 

Seeing all trades can help traders make better decisions and adjust their strategies. A trader can sell underperforming assets and buy promising ones using a basket order. Real-time portfolio adjustments based on market conditions and performance can improve long-term investment results. 

Basket orders' transparency helps traders evaluate their trading costs and adjust their strategies. A clear overview of all their trades lets traders see where their costs come from and adjust their trading strategy to reduce costs and increase profitability.


Basket orders are fast, especially for options traders. Basket orders allow traders to take advantage of real-time market opportunities. They need speed to profit or avoid losses. Options trading is a fast-paced, volatile market where traders must be able to execute trades quickly.

Basket orders let traders capitalize on market movements immediately. Rather than placing each order individually, traders can execute multiple trades in one transaction, saving time and reducing errors.

It also helps traders respond quickly to unexpected market events. Basket orders can help traders adjust their portfolios and capitalize on sudden market shifts.

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How to Create Basket Orders in an Options Trading App

As an options trader, you might be interested in learning more about basket orders and how they can help you. The following steps will walk you through the process of creating basket orders in an options trading app: 

1. Open The App 

Open the app and select basket order. Depending on the provider, the basket order option may be in a different app portion. To find it, you must explore your app's interface. 

Some apps offer a basket order page, while others require access to the feature through the order entry or trade ticket screen. Once you've located the basket order option, you can choose financial instruments and customize orders to your investment strategy.

2. Select Financial Instruments

After locating the basket order feature, choose your financial instruments. Several options trading apps offer predefined baskets, such as sector-specific or popular equities. You can also design your own basket by selecting individual financial instruments.

Depending on the app's services, this may include stocks, options, ETFs, or other securities. Once you've chosen your basket's financial instruments, you may customize orders and set up automated routines.

3. Set Quantities and Prices

Set the quantities and pricing for each order after choosing the financial instruments for your basket. This may require entering a specified amount for each asset or setting up automated rules to change orders based on market conditions.

Several options trading apps incorporate price notifications, stop-loss orders, or trailing stops in basket orders. It's crucial to thoroughly analyze your investment strategy and preferences when putting up basket orders to ensure they correspond with your overall aims.

4. Review and Execute

Review and confirm the details before placing the basket order. The basket order is accurate and matches your investment strategy after this step. Some options trading apps allow you to preview orders before submitting the basket order for execution. Execute the basket order to buy or sell all assets simultaneously once satisfied with the order details.

This feature allows traders to execute multiple trades simultaneously, saving time and increasing efficiency. Basket orders may incur transaction costs when deciding whether to use this trading feature.

5. Monitor Your Portfolio

Options trading requires portfolio monitoring. After placing your basket order, monitor your portfolio's performance to ensure it meets your investment goals. You can add or remove assets from your basket if they're underperforming.

Basket orders can speed up portfolio adjustments and trades. Active traders must react quickly to market conditions, so this is crucial. You can keep your options trading strategy profitable by monitoring and adjusting your portfolio.


In conclusion, basket orders can help options traders manage their portfolios better. Traders may personalize orders, diversify portfolios, save money, and execute trades rapidly with basket orders.

By using basket orders, traders can better manage their portfolios and exploit market opportunities. Basket orders can help options traders streamline their trading process and increase performance.
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What is Basket Order? How It Works and How To Use?
Aashutosh C 12 May, 2023
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